What August 1st Means for Women’s Health.

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It’s About Time…

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Target’s awesome new ad for same-sex wedding registry. 


Target’s awesome new ad for same-sex wedding registry. 

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Goodbye, Sally Ride.

Thank you for showing us that our dreams have no bounds and there is no such thing as impossible.

"All adventures, especially into new territory, are scary".- Sally Ride

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Happy Weekend.

Do you have any exciting plans for this weekend? Weather this weekend looks like blistering heat or continuous storms. If the weather gods grant you a dry day, take advantage of it! Summer is getting shorter and shorter everyday. Happy weekend!

What Kind of Catwoman Do You Expect?

It is safe to say that everyone is excited about the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises but we can’t help but wonder how Anne Hathaway will handle Catwoman after so many films have failed the iconic character. Gloria Steinem and Christopher Nolan both loved Hathaway in the role. Is there a possibility for a new Catwoman film? Check out this article to see what Steinem had to say. 

Happy 94th Birthday Nelson Mandela!

"Freedom cannot be achieved unless women have been emancipated from all forms of oppression”.

Which Disney Princess is the Most Feminist?

Nerve.com ranks our childhood heroines from least to most feminist in this hilarious article. See where writer Sonia Saraiya placed your favorite Disney princess.

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Happy Friday the 13th.

Happy weekend! It is also Friday the 13th, a day infamously synonymous with bad luck and horrible chaos. Do you believe in Friday the 13th or do you choose to make your own luck?